IslandWide Speechcraft 2014

First Ever Singapore’s IslandWide Public Speaking Course and SpeechCraft 2014 is ending soon.

It will end on 30th June 2014 to be exact. That is because the another marketing team will be taking over office from 1st July onwards.

So will the speech craft workshops continue? Yes of course. The public speaking crash course is conducted by various clubs round the year. The only problem is, the current District 80 marketing team is the only team that promotes islandwide courses this term.

The next committee may have other priorities. That means no one else will be promoting it at this scale.

Come next term, you dropped me a mail indicating your interest. A club may be conducting speechcraft few months later. By the time they are ready, you may not be. Or they have misplaced your contact.

Remember, this is non-profit. Not every member is able to follow up for months.

So, don’t delay.

Quickly scan through the list and check if there’s a club near you or one that suits your schedule. Register immediately.

If there isn’t one, just submit you name, contact and other details. The organising team may be able to match you with a club that has an unannounced workshop – one that is meant for inhouse members only or they they have reached the minimum participants so there is no plan to announce their event.

Whichever the case, what you will be seeing is NOT a complete list:
Singapore Island Wide Speech Craft 2014

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Previously a sysop of Eskay BBS, NSK learns how to build a website by setting up for a Toastmasters club and maintains it for 6 years before handling it over to Toa Payoh Central Toastmasters Club. moves the blog out and now uses this site to promote the first ever islandwide speechcraft workshops for the residents of Singapore who want to improve their public speaking, presentation, and leadership skills.

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