Toastmaster of the Year Award

Hi all,

Jamie asked me on Monday if I would like to nominate anyone from our Club for the Toastmaster of the Year Award. Without any hesitation, I told him that I’ll be nominating Eskay for this Award.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that he had put in so much for the Club and recognition is due to him. Chai Tun is tasked to do a write-up for his nomination.


13 thoughts on “Toastmaster of the Year Award

  1. name

    From violet Loh – a gavelier
    Dear Kris , Yes Yes Yes nominate Eskay
    He has quietly encouraged and groomed
    me in my writing of poems – not to give up when I nearly about to quit
    Posted my poems in TPCTMC Web site
    Given me 1st place/ free access to weblog my writings. His persistence pushed me to write that i won a prize in a recent poem competition organised by Singpost on Valentine’s Day”My greatest
    love” It’s posted in the blog on 16/2/05
    Also introduced me to the Net’s “Poet’s Corner ” that I could write and meet
    with other poets on the net
    Hope this is relevant to add bonus to his
    nomiation write- up
    If not,I would cite him as a true Toastmaster not only to TPC TMC
    but also to a gavelier.
    3 cheers!!
    Thank you.

  2. Lee Khim Song

    Yes Kris,
    Totally agreed with you. Eskay has put in lots of effort and time in helping the club, be it the webpage , the webblog and many other things. 3 cheers to him.

  3. Yeo Chai Tun

    In his own quiet way, he serves the club well. Has been in exco for several terms and several posts. A critical resource and a pillar of the club. Yes, he deserves my support for the nomination.

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  5. David Goh

    Yes, ESKAY is definitely my choice for that title. I love his ideas. may be my next speech contest I should get SK to write the script for me. Ha Ha.

  6. yptay

    Both Kris and Eskay are the Super Stars for our Club!


    Kris has been diligently working as our Club President, , , it was bad luck that it happened during Kris Presidency, that we needed to find our new home, but with her dedication, her leadership and hard work by working with the CC and CCMC, including submission of our club proposal, and the courage to speak mandarin at one of the CC function have won the confidence from the CC officers and CCMC, and we have finally settled down at our new home, TPC CC! Thanks to Kris!

    Kris’s slogan this term “Be The Best You Can Be ! Do It Now” Her never give up attitude, is a good role model for our Club! She took part in the Contest, the result at Area D3 has won us another pride! Of course, she has won many contests in and outside our Club in the past too!
    As mentioned in her recent D3 contest speech – with all commitment, Montessori Course, Full Time job, Financial Planner, Mother, she has never fail our meeting as our Club President!
    She has also helped other external Clubs to serve as LE and Evaluator, a PLUS in her Toastmasters contribution!
    Thumbs UP to Kris! You deserve our round of Applause!


    Eskay, I always salute Eskay for his contribution to our Club! Though he work silently for the Club, we all know that he is our GREAT Toastmaster, he always wants to do thing RIGHT, no short cut! He wants to produce perfect works, whether last year as our VPE or this year as our VPPR! This term, with his SUPER Club Website, we attract many Guests coming to visit us and becoming our members, the Website makes our Club present and makes our Club shine! As a webmaster myself, I know the hard work / especially the times that he spends in make the website successful! As he said, he wanted the TPCCC TMC to be the FIRST, in all the popular Search Engines! He makes it. My experience with him recently when he hosted my speech, he took so many hours just to get it RIGHT! He can even read my mind!

    Eskay has helped the Club won many Speech Contests trophies in the past and present term (Humorous Speech Contest)! He is willing to share his speeches (I got many from him!) and his secret of success in preparing a Winning Speech!
    He volunteered to perform at Division Contest, but due to technical issue, we missed it! As he wanted to produce the high standard show, without letting us down! VERY HIGH SPIRIT, that no one can compete!
    He has been helping up as appointment holder & test speaker in many other Club contests, including our past and present Division Contests without any hesitation when he was called upon to help, a GOOD SUPPORTER truly!

    I want to say, they both make us proud!


  7. Albert Lim

    Eskay has my unqualified nomination as Toastmaster of the Year 2005. Apart from his skills in creating and maintaining a website (now a weblog), Eskay is an ideal Toastmaster. He is very conscientious in that every speech he crafts is a maserpiece; he conscientiously crafts and re-crafts u ntil the speech is perfect; he is a perfectionist. He is also a poet of sorts and has written a poem which was published in the Sky Media Newsletter, and he presented as a speech. As a former VPE he assists members individually and encourages them to progress in making speeches and evaluations.
    Eskay for Toastmaster of the Year !

  8. lim Poh Pian

    I noticed Eskay even before I became a Toastmaster. He used to encourage me to attend Toastmaster Contests and Chapter meetings each time I met him. He is such a caring and warm person.

    A perfectionist, his untiring efforts in making things perfect such as his role at Achievers’ Day is well worth a crown. Three cheers to Eskay for Toastmaster 2004/2005 Good Luck… PP

  9. Albert Lim

    Hi everybody
    All quiet on the blog front? Kris, I trust the Toastmaster Nomination had been submitted to AG Jamie Lim.

    Look forward to meet you guys on April 11 a the next Chapter meeting.

    Regards, Albert

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