Lanie Francisco

Lanie- stage time

Stage Time for Lanie CTM on Achievers’ Day-II, 7th May.

  1. Create your own Reality Show (Be an Apprentice)
  2. Divide your Fear Factor and Conquer it
  3. Take the Fast Forward in the Amazing Race

Congratulations! Lanie. ( see Lanie as new member. )

As our meeting dates couldn’t meet your very busy scheduele, you’re one of our very few members who did most of your project speeches at other clubs.

In the next few months, as you wil be flying around most of the time, I won’t be surprised you’re be doing your advanced projects in other countries; Korea, Japan …..

Remember to bring your project manual along. Dont’ ever leave home without it …….

2 thoughts on “Lanie Francisco

  1. Mui Huan

    Hi Lanie,

    Congrats to you for achieving your CTM on Achievers’ Day-II, 7th May. I will be reaching my CTM goal on the Amazing Race very soon too.

    All the way…

    Warmest regards

  2. Lanie

    Hi Eskay and Mui Huan,

    Thanks for your comments. My commitments at work are already piling up and I am almost drowning. Looking at this web log is a respite..

    Keep it up..and see you in the next race ! 🙂


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