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This blog is an extention of a website known as tpctmc.org, otherwise known as Toa Payoh Central Toastmasters Club of Singapore.

A 1st posting was originally published here. Then moved to tpctmc.wordpress.com, then back here again.

Over at WordPress.com, I took almost 3 hours to go through every template, found the one I felt most suitable to fit in the heading only to discover that color of the link and rest of the font were of the same color.

Logged in the admin area have all the links underlined.
Now it looks like a link but what happened if I should switch to another theme again?

The lack of control is heating things up a little.
If only I could make a change at the CSS area … well, that’s something for a paid member.

So I’m back here again.

Soon this site will replace those lost search position of TPCTMC

WordPress theme – ToaPayoh 3.0

Finally it’s up for the year 2008 – A theme I could really called it my own.

I took 2 weeks to design ToaPayoh 2.o – a 3 column layout for the blog and when it was done, it just didn’t looked right.

I took another few days to build another … this time I want it to be identical to the main site. It’s not completely done. I just want it up by 1st Jan 2008.

Now it looks the same as the main site though not quite right for a blog. But at least I could claim – tis my creation.

screenshot of tipicity3