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Toastmasters@Hope is now a Chartered Club

Fellow Toastmasters and Friends

We are TWENTY ONE. Toastmasters@Hope is now a Chartered Club of TI.

Today, 38 attended Toastmasters@Hope meeting,

to hear DTM Kris Tay sharing on “Using Storytelling Skills to Motivate and Inspire” and Division A international Speech Champion CC Yvonne Tan challenging the audience to participate in “The Dream of a Girl in Red”.
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Public Speaking Course Speechcraft Jun 2010

Public Speaking #1 Fear:

fear of public speaking
Public Speaking is the number 1 fear among many people. But you can conquer that fear, painlessly and enjoyably, by attending the Speechcraft Program conducted by Toastmaster@HOPE.

Speechcraft June 2010 (Saturdays)

  1. Jun 12
  2. Jun 19
  3. Jul 3
  4. Jul 10
  5. Jul 17

What is Speechcraft?

Speechcraft is a program to develop your public speaking abilities. You don’t receive a grade and you can proceed at your own pace.
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Be a Charter member of Toastmasters@Hope

Don’t just join any Toastmasters Club in Singapore.
Be a Charter member of Toastmasters@Hope

Why Toastmasters@Hope?

It is a new Toastmasters Club in the East.
Members are new and young, and eager to learn.
So learn and grow with us – in a friendly and family environment.

We have experienced Toastmasters as Sponsors and Mentors.
That makes our learning journey fun and fulfilling.
But the most important reason,
You are a CHARTER MEMBER of Toastmasters@Hope

That makes the difference – a GREAT difference.
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Public Speaking at Sengkang Anchorvale

Friends of Sengkang, good news!

My friend, Mike Woon is chartering a Toastmasters club in Anchorvale.

Anchorvale CC Toastmasters Club – Sengkang

If you are putting up at the Sengkang New Town or its neighbouring estate, then Anchorvale is definitely right for you.

Just give Mike a call and he’ll invite to his next demo meeting.
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Toastmasters@Hope welcomes you.

Michael is chartering a new Toastmasters Club at the east. This is your opportunity to be a charter member of a new Toastmasters Club.
20 left 13 left 11 left 8 left 7 left

Sharpen your Thinking, Listening and Speaking skills

Join Toastmasters@Hope.
We provide you the opportunity and the platform
to sharpen and improve the skills you already have.

Don’t stop at just being a good communicator

Become a GREAT communicator.
Become a GREAT Leader.
Influence, Inspire and Persuade.
Change your life , your destiny and the world.
Make your life significant.
Make your life count.
Make your life a legacy.

Toastmasters@Hope welcomes you

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
from 1030am to 1230pm
at 694 Upper Changi Road East
(Changi Bethany Church/Hope Presbyterian Church)

All are welcome.
The Club is opened to the community regardless of race, religion and gender.

Contact: Michael Lau 9728-0919 via SMS, or email tmhopepc @ gmail.com
Send email to contact form at Contact Toastmasters@Hope