Lanie’s email

I’ve checked with Lanie and she has agreed that I may post this on the Blog. Like to share her email to me. Her email really touched me. Though she may be a new member, her confidence in our Club is unwavering. Hear what Terence had to say!

Her email…..

Hi Kris,

I am so proud to be competing next to you at the Area Level. I informed my boss and he is very supportive on this endeavor.

Honestly, you pushed me to do the best that I can be by just simply smiling in the corner and silently cheering for me….I can feel it!

The Area Level Contest would be another opportunity for us to bring our club to the next level (District Level).
Let us give it all we’ve got! We are strong enough! 🙂

As Terence Tan said to me during the warm-up session, we must show respect to the audience who will spend their time to watch…and we owe them a good performance.

best regards,

One thought on “Lanie’s email

  1. Mui Huan

    Hi Lanie,

    Don’t worry too much, just be yourself. You can do it !!

    It will definitely be a great learning experience for you.

    I am clearing as much backlog as possible (my work, I mean). So that I can be there to cheer all our contestants on.

    See U. Good Luck to All.
    Mui Huan

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