Public Speaking Course Speechcraft Jun 2010

Public Speaking #1 Fear:

fear of public speaking
Public Speaking is the number 1 fear among many people. But you can conquer that fear, painlessly and enjoyably, by attending the Speechcraft Program conducted by Toastmaster@HOPE.

Speechcraft June 2010 (Saturdays)

  1. Jun 12
  2. Jun 19
  3. Jul 3
  4. Jul 10
  5. Jul 17

What is Speechcraft?

Speechcraft is a program to develop your public speaking abilities. You don’t receive a grade and you can proceed at your own pace.

Experienced and award-winning Toastmasters present the fundamentals of public speaking in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere of the Toastmasters club. Through participation you will become an experienced and poised speaker.

In the four (4) + one (1) sessions you might not get rid of the butterflies in your stomach, but you’ll have them flying in formation!

Learn By Doing

In Speechcraft, you will learn through practice and by studying the materials provided. Your personal Toastmasters advisor will help you prepare for your short talks. You will gain confidence in written and impromptu speeches, body language and listening skill.

How Will It Help Me?

Speechcraft will make you a better communicator at home and in the workplace. Without the ability to communicate well, you can end up frustrated, poorly recognised for your efforts and be de-motivated.

Speechcraft will improve your performance in…

  • Meeting the public
  • Conducting business meeting
  • Motivating people
  • Interviewing for jobs
  • Selling ideas or products

What Is Toastmasters?

Speechcraft is presented by your local Toastmasters club, an affiliate of Toastmasters International.

Toastmasters is the world’s largest organization devoted to success through communication and leadership development.

Toastmasters was founded in California in 1924 by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley. It now has more than 13,000 clubs in 106 countries. More than 250,000 people have benefited from Toastmasters!

Sign Up NOW!

Speechcraft is your key to being a successful, confident communicator. Sign up for Speechcraft now, and be never afraid to speak up again!

Hope Presbyterian Church, Rooms 313-5
694 Upper Changi Road East Singapore 486824

Speechcraft June 2010 (Saturdays)
| Jun 12 | Jun 19 |
| Jul 3 | Jul 10 | Jul 17 |

One-to-One Guidance

Fees: $98 (+ 6 months membership)
Closing date 5th June 2010
Call: Michael Lau 9728 0919 / Catherine Goh 9001 2100 for details

Or fill up the contact us form.

4 thoughts on “Public Speaking Course Speechcraft Jun 2010

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  2. Mrs Han

    Do yu run the Speechcraft workshop for youth (15 to 19 years of age)?
    If you do, can you send me details of imminent workshop and cost. Thank you.

  3. Charlotte tan

    I am looking for a business presentation skills and wonder if you conduct any of such courses?

    Look forward to receiving your reply, please.

  4. A. M. Budiman

    Do you still conduct public speaking for the young short courses?
    If yes, how does this program take?
    Do you have a schedule of the course in the near future?
    I’m looking forward to receiving your reply ASAP.
    Thank you.

    A. M. Budiman
    Bandung, West Java

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