Year To Success

You may have seen our quote page.

It comes handy when you’re writing speeches: need a quote – key in a keyword to get a quotation or when you need to confirm the source of the quote.

I hope members would continue to use this feature.

Right below the “Quote of the Day” is “Year to Success – Tip of the Day”

I’ve just brought it to the top of this blog.

This is a motivationl programme created and given free by a Toastmaster Bo Bennett, ATM-G.

Sign up for the course and you’ll receive 365 days of success tips to your inbox EVERYDAY.

And you’ll never run out of ideas for your speeches.

I receive mine everyday at about 2pm and I’m into Day 157: Inspiration from Mary Kay Ash.

Go sign up and get yours now!

For any reason if you are not satisfied with what you’re getting, just unsubscribe.

Robert (Bo) Bennett is a business man, programmer, designer, martial artist, motivational speaker and most of all a husband and a father devoted to improving the lives of others …..

Who knows, while he’s coaching in this region, he may, one evening, pops in to attend our club’s meeting.

Even if he may comes, its only for a day, a session, a few minutes. You can have him coach you evey day for free by clicking here to sign up today.

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  1. Lee Khim Song

    You are fantastic..Really admire you for the wonderful work you have put. Thank you for introducing webblog to us… something new that I am learning.

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