Pay It Forward

“I have gained so much from Toastmasters and serving as the Division A Governor is my continued effort in PAYING IT FORWARD, to touch more lives through the Toastmasters movement”

Toastmasters is not merely a place to learn public speaking but it is really a platform to better one’s lifeskills.
I personally had overcome two difficult periods, 1997/1998 and 2002/2003, by simply applying what I learnt from Toastmasters.

My faith in the Toastmasters movement grows stronger and stronger over the years, crisis after crisis. My firm conviction is that Toastmasters’ programmes train members beyond public speaking.

Over the years, I had seen many taking a simplistic view of Toastmasters; they unknowingly set simple presentation goals.
Upon achieving these goals, be it attainment of Competent Communicator or completion of Speechcraft, these members dropped out prematurely.

My sole motivation in running for the Office of the Division A Governorship is to share my story and assist more people to reach out to a higher Toastmasters plane.

More can then gain the additional benefits of being Toastmasters and lead higher performance lifestyles.

Will I have the opportunity to serve you and PAY IT FORWARD?

With your support, I will!

Yeo Chai Tun


MSc BSc(Hons)(EEE) CDipAF DipMMgt
Charter Member, Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmasters Club
Assistant Division D Governor(Education & Training) I 2006-2007
Area D3 Governor 2005-2006
Club President 2003-2004
Club Vice President (Education) 2001-2002
Club Vice President (Public Relations) 2000-2001
District 80 Evaluation Contest 2nd Runner-up 2007

5 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. eskay

    Hi Chai Tun,

    I do not really know how to “encourage” except to be the first to shout:
    “GO GO, CHAI TUN, GO !”

    And of course you have my support.

    Though I can’t speak for all, I believe the whole club will be behind you – ready at your disposal.

  2. Sunny Chong

    Hi, Chai Tun.

    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
    ~ Henry David Thoreau



  3. Shan

    Chai Tun

    You have been a great motivator during our club meetings … always smiling, positive and encouraging.

    I would love to see you as the Division Governor. I am with you in your quest.

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