My Greatest Love

1)I crossed the vast ocean to meet you…
one in a million.
From a distance,I can see heaven in your eyes
From that moment, I take you just the way you are.
Where ever I go,you are right there waiting…
I will not be afraid:
Should the sky tumble
The mountain crumble
You are always beside me,
even before the next tear drops fall.

2) You held my hand when it was cold,
I was confused, you cleared my mind
You gave me strength to stand
and face the hostile world.
You are my guiding star,
Anchor of my soul.
I can’t help lovimg you.
We are friends turned into lovers,
Together we make a beautiful pair.

3) We walked down the aisle,
Your hand in my hand,
“This is the hour, This is the moment,
Let it be, you are the one for me.
In sickness and in health,
In porverty and in wealth,
’til death do us part”
What God has joint together,
No man can put asunder…..
Two hearts beat as one….
You are the Love of my life,
Every Valentine,
I celebrate my love for you…
My true Love,
My sweet Valentine….
I will eternally be “Thine”
P/s This is in celebration of love and “endurance”
Press on……
The rooster says “Yes Yes”
Not perhaps “Never”
but for ever and ever.

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