Did You See What I See?

First 2 auspicious days of Lunar New Year had past.
Did you see what I see?
The town decorated with bold banners of “Gong Xi Fa Cai”
“Happy Lunar New Year”
Nurseries show-cased with pushy willows,peach blossoms.
Children dresed in new/pretty colored clothes/sweet smiles –<>–
Ready to receive Hong Boa.
Every house hold spring-cleaned -Red banners hung on door entrances.
Hong Boa Celebrations at the Esplanade/Riverside.
Light up in China Town-Fireworks rocketed to the sky^^^^^^
Much to the delight of children and adult.

Even the Media Corp artistes/News readers did not loose out.
They adorned brightly colored traditional “Qipoa”

Did you hear what I hear?
Ear- shattering crackers??!!
Greetings exchanged for prosperity/good luck/good health
Distant drums of the lion dance
Melodious Chinese New Year Songs
Clanging sound of “Mah Jong”
All Remind us of the happy festive mood
Celebrate the 15 days -yet to complete.

Happy Lunar New Year!
The red comb of the Rooster signifies Luck and Prosperity.
Peach blossoms.pushy willows -good to keep.
Remember the “Ades” not to breed!
The common corridors-cleared of clusters -no fire to set
The people of essential services —– let
to have and enjoy their festive cheer.

I wish you a Safe and Prosperous Rooooster New Year!
Happy Family Re-uion!
“Gong Xi Gong Xi”….sending one more wish just round the corner…
toast with red wine
“Happy Valentine!”

One thought on “Did You See What I See?

  1. vppr

    so little time so much to be done
    and so on this eve, my mind’s made up.

    to chicken in or to chicken out
    the answer is easy but the announcement is hard

    to toast or to roast
    whick side i’m on which way am i to go?

    i know i’ll get the blame, I get the shame,
    but go i must, even if i’ll be flamed.

    and the rooster crows “No No”
    not this year
    maybe another
    or perhaps

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