Toastmasters for Children

Got a call from Shirley Lau who was searching the web for toastmasters clubs in Singapore. Called my handphone to enquire about toastmasters training for her Sec 1 daughter.

Interested if we were to run the “classes” in June. She’s staying in Toa Payoh.

Those who are interested in joining forces with Chai Tun and me to organise this, please let me know. If June is not possible, then Dec (school holidays).

We’re going to be “BUSY” but I’m so happy!!

Update 3 Jun 2013

For a list of Gavel Club in Singapore, go to public speaking for the teens

For enquiries on public speaking courses, workshops for children in Singapore, go to Contact public speaking for children

45 thoughts on “Toastmasters for Children

  1. Yeo Chai Tun

    My dream is taking shape and soon it will be a reality!

    Started sowing the seed back in 2002. Started The Education Circle and did some student programmes and today, I am still it on part-time basis despite my current full-time work commitment. Also started doing the same thing through the senior citizen route; they are considering. Now, I also see some toastmasters coming together to be fee-paid Speakers! It’s a dream coming true.

    It is my dream to be able to capitalise on our communication and networking skills to make difference in others’ lives, be them senior citizens or students or working professionals.

    Doing all this, also help myself to be in the fore-front of communication technologies!

  2. Samantha Chng

    I am not sure if you will get this email. I am looking for a toastmaster club for my daughter (11 yrs ). Can we join your toastmasters club for children?

  3. bizc97

    Hi Samantha,

    Not sure if this email gets to you as well. I am be contacted at email

    Toastmasters’ Clubs are meant for 18 years old and above. However, we can organise a special programme for children if there is enough participants. Some of our members have in the past organised programmes for senior citizens and students.

    May be you can tell us roughly what you wish to accomplish for your kid.

    Yeo Chai Tun
    Immediate Past President, TPCCC
    Area D3 Governor Elect 2005-2006

  4. Ravethi

    Hi, My daugther is 9+. Am searching for a toastermaster club for her. Can she jin your club or are u able to recommend any? Appreciate your help.

  5. Albert Lim

    Forming a Gavel Club for children below 18 years of age is UNLIKE forming the RSVP Gavel Club. A children’s Gavel Club has to be managed just like an Adult Club, with adults holding the Executive Committee appointments. It CANNOT be left to the kids to manage a club, as there are too many responsibilities.

    I think the EXCO should tread carefully on this “bed of egg shells”. Unless the EXCO has the energy and resources to manage a ‘baby club’, with dual responsibilities, consider this very carefully.

    I suggest that we can recommend the parents to the schools which have ‘Gavel’ Clubs within the schools/institutions.

    Regards, Albert Lim
    Asst Gov. Marketing
    Div D (2005-2006)

  6. admin

    Hi Leng Leng,

    I’d sent you a list of Gavel Clubs in Singapore as Toastmasters Club is not for children.

    Though the list is rather old, we hope it helps and perhaps some day, we would be able to compile an updated list and post it on web to benefit all parents.

    Thank you so much for your enquiry and we all at Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmasters Club hope you would be able to find a suitable Gavel Club that would heip your children in public speaking.

  7. huifang


    I am looking for toastmaster’s club for my 7yr old son. Can you send me list of Gavel Clubs?




    Dear Sir,

    i’m interested in Gavel Clubs for children or toastmaster’s club for my 9-yr old daughter. Would appreciate a reply.

    thanks & rgds

  9. Charls

    I’m interested having a public speaking course for my fellow prefectmates aged 14-16. Maybe a one or two day-course


  10. richard Lim

    Hi, cld email me the list of Gavel Club? I intend to let my 9yr old son join in as he’s very shy speaking infront of people. thks.

  11. bella swan

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  12. Priscilla

    Hi am looking for a toastmaster club for my 8yrs old. Please forward the list of Gavel club to me. Thanks!!!

  13. Geraldine


    I like to send both my kids (14 & 16 ) years old to toastmaster club to improve their public speaking skills. Please sent me info on how and where I could register them. Many thanks!

  14. celine

    I have a 10 years old girl who is relatively shy and introverted. Can anyone recommend a toastmaster (or gavel club) in singapore for her. Many thanks…

  15. Yam Yee


    Pleased to see that there are like-minders on Toastmasters for Children. May I get in touch with you via email.

    I am planning to set up a Young Toastmasters group for Homeschoolers in Singapore. I would need your guidance.

    Please advise. Appreciate your prompt reply.

  16. Nisha


    I am mother of a 7 year old gal. I’m interested to develop her potential in public speaking. Could you recommend any toastmembers club for my child. Thank you

  17. Hilda

    I am interested to enrol my 11year old daughter for a toastmaster course. Please advise the different programmes available. My hp o is 98214816. Thanks

  18. Hamilah

    I am looking for toastmaster course for my sec one and sec two chidren please let me know if there is an opportunity for this Dec holiday.

  19. Mona

    Please email me the contacts for a toastmaster club training for my 12 years old son. Thank you so much.

  20. Sushma Sirisha Peri

    My son is 6 years old and I am looking for Oratory classes for him. Please can you suggest some course or workshops or club, so that he can attend classes regularly. Please reply . If you haven’t started the club for kids please start as many parents from 2003 or so asking for a club for kids.


  21. Daniel lim

    Hello, do let me know if there is any toastmaster public speaking course for children of 6 years old.


  22. Shio Huay

    Please email me the contacts for a toastmaster club training for my 12 years old daughter from October onwards.
    She has a pretty good command of written English, however her oral skill is handicapped by her shyness and introvert character. Please help. Thank you very much.

  23. Tai Kie Miing

    Hi, may i know if u have any public speaking or toastmasters class for my 12 year old son? Pls contact me if you have. Thanks!

  24. SH

    Hi there,

    May I have the contacts for public speaking courses or toastmasters classes for children ages 8 – 10 years old?

    Thank you!

  25. jazzmin

    Would like to sign my 5yo gal for toastmaster class to hv a headstart for her.. any for her? Tks!

  26. Rose Ng

    Hi, my son 9 years old completed his Lamda Grade 3 exam in public speaking. I would like to find out what is the different skills taught in public speaking and those in toastmasters?

  27. Janice

    Would like to know if there is any upcoming course during the nov-dec holidays for my 2 children age 12 and 14?

  28. Jeff


    I’m also looking for public speaking workshop for my kids ages 10 and 12yrs old, can I also get the list of workshop for this as well.

    Many thanks and have great day.


  29. Nurharyati

    Hi! I am unsure if this room is still active. I hope anyone would be able to help respond to my enquiries.

    I am looking for a Toastmasters Club for my 6 year old son who needs help to build up his confidence and courage.

    Your help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you and Regards.

  30. MT

    My 9 year-old is shy and reserved. Would like to sign up for kids’ toastmasters course to improve on his oratorical skills. Unfortunately the contact tab on the website is not working. Pls help! Tks

  31. Estee

    I’m keen to get my 10-year-old involved with a children’s Toastmaster or Gavel Club, if this is relevant.

    I can get together with parents keen to hold training sessions. I have facilities suitable to hold such an event for about 14-15 kids at one go with TV or projection, etc. Please connect with me, hp 91093676, if you are an interested parent or can provide assistance to get something going. We can make thi monthly or quarterly gathering. Kids can do swimming thereafter or we get food for them to build friendships.

  32. damayanthi

    I hope anyone would be able to help respond my enquirers. we are going to start teenagers toast master club in Damulla, Sri Lanka. so we need advice and help to improve their public speaking to start the children club and how to do it.

  33. ramesh rao

    I have a 13 years old Sec 1 going son. I am interested in enrolling him into good public speaking skills program. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance

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