SpeechCraft April 2005

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First of all, let me congratulate Eskay Ng for his tremendous effort in getting us onto the blogging culture. I didn’t realize it was so easy until I tried his earlier version. Now it seems to be infectious.

I had the privilege to co-facilitate (together with Fellow Chartered-member and Past President Yeo Chai Tun) the latest Speechcraft in April 2005. After three sessions, the four Speechcrafters (Steven, Quek, Lam, Keng Siang) graduated and were presented their Certificates on 28 April 2005. We have a new group of new members who are professional and willing to learn; their progress should be phenominal. They were prepared to try new things and make mistakes, be evaluated. But they learn fast; they will be an asset to the Club. I urge all new members to participate in any forthcoming Speechcraft programme. Existing members are not spared; we should assist the new members to gear up and mature, by being their mentors and evaluating their progress. Good luck!

— This is a posting by Albert Lim. It appeared in a comment of a different category. I published it here to keep all updated — admin/vppr —

5 thoughts on “SpeechCraft April 2005

  1. Albert Lim

    Thanks for your efforts to assist me in putting my comments in the right category. As I stated in my nomination of yourself for the Div D Toastmaster of the Year, you have the right attitide, aptitude and action to be an outstanding Toastmaster. Please keep up the good work. I hope to see you continue to support the Club and fellow Toastmasters achieve their aspirations.

    God bless you!

  2. bizc97

    The real learning and gaining is to just do it!

    “Am I qualified to train others? Do I know enough to train others? Have you had adequate expertise to enrich others?” In my opinion, these are unneccessary worries…….in my case, I train to learn: because I volunteer to train others, I read widely and gather enough materials for the programme; I persuaded other veteran members to join me to help the younger members.

    In actual fact, both the speechcrafters and the workshop facilitators/trainers benefited from this whole exercise.

  3. Albert Lim

    Congratulations, SK and now Chai Tun, for taking this weblog communciation a few steps further. I enjoyed running the Speechcraft progamme, first in RSVP Gavel club, and later in Toa Payoh Cenral, then in Nee Soon South. It was an experience to conduct Speechcraft, and very enriching. The participants were very positive and earger to learn new things;they listened to to the Project Evaluation attentively and promised to improve themselves.

    “You can bring a horse to water, but you cannot force it to dirink”
    Happy reading, folks!

  4. Manning

    As a former Math teehacr, I have a history of speaking in front of others, but one can lose their salt if it isn’t practiced regularly. Due to the invitation of a friend, I attended my first Toastmasters meeting in 2002. It took me until 2005 to join, after a move out of state, a new marriage, and a new job. It finally became the right time for me, and once I got started, I’d wished I’d joined earlier. The friendships you make in this great organization are very special. People understand one another, and feel safe practicing skills that they know need improvement. The encouragement and opportunities I’ve had since joining have been too many to name, and have led me towards my goal of achieving Distinguished Toastmaster by 2012. Join now! It is TIME for you too!!!!

  5. Susan

    Can anyone suggest where can I enroll my kids for Chinese or English toastmasters. They are 7 n 8 years old respectively .

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