Toastmasters@Hope is now a Chartered Club

Fellow Toastmasters and Friends

We are TWENTY ONE. Toastmasters@Hope is now a Chartered Club of TI.

Today, 38 attended Toastmasters@Hope meeting,

to hear DTM Kris Tay sharing on “Using Storytelling Skills to Motivate and Inspire” and Division A international Speech Champion CC Yvonne Tan challenging the audience to participate in “The Dream of a Girl in Red”.

Toastmasters of the Day

With DTM Yeo Chai Tun as Toastmaster of the Day, the meeting proceeded informally, injected with humour
and putting the many non Toastmasters present at ease.

Prepared Speeches

Prepared speeches delivered by Karen Koh (P2) and Li Silin (P8) were well received.

While Karen spoke about the healthy, happy and hopeful lifestyle, Silin with her story of Ben and his Umbrella, drove home the point that we need to be prepared for life with well prepared plans.

Speech Evaluation

The Speech Evaluation by Emily Sim and ACS CL Mark Leong were most encouraging and practical, demonstrating their skills acquired through TI in listening, thinking and speaking.

Table Topics

With CTM Sharon Siow as Topics Masters, proverbs concerning death, life and shame were well handled by Andrew Lim and Cliff.

The Ah-Counter

CTM Mike Woon’s report of speakers and their pause fillers, was comprehensive such that non Toastmasters who spoke briefly to introduce themselves were not spared! It was indeed helpful.

The Timer

Law Chor Hoo kept a tight rein of time, showing the red card to those who spoke passed their time…

The Event Promoter

Thus adding stress to DTM Tay Yiang Ping who had two minutes air time to promote the Semi Annual Convention in November.

I have never seen her speaking so fast and so frantic before!

The Grammarian

DTM Albert Lim, Language Evaluator motivated the meeting with his positive feedback and Word of the Day – “Motivation”

it was a highly charged meeting, professional yet informal.

At the end of the meeting, three new members signed up to join Toastmasters@Hope, making a total of TWENTY ONE members.

With that Toastmasters@Hope is now a Chartered Club of TI

Thank you for your support.

We are a part of a global organisation committed to personal growth and development of individuals to be better leaders and speakers.

MichaEL Lau
Tel 9728-0919 / 6585-6195
Sharpen your Thinking, Listening and Speaking skills

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    I would like to enroll my two sons ages 141/2 and 11 years old. Please do let me know where and when I can enroll. They are off for summer until August 9th.

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