Storytelling at Changi

Facts Tell. Stories Sell

The authors of “Made to Stick” wrote,

“Stories have the amazing dual power to simulate and inspire. And most of the times we don’t even have to use much creativity to harness these powers – we just need to be ready to spot the good ones (stories) that life generates every day.”

Many believe the myth that storytelling is only for children.
How wrong that is!

Storytelling skills are powerful tools to motivate and inspire – children and adults alike.

Amongst the Toastmasters Advanced Manuals, there is one dedicated to storytelling.

Storytelling Skills Are Powerful Tools To Motivate And Inspire

An Educational Talk at Toastmasters@Hope

Saturday 15th May 2010
1030am -1230 pm
Rooms 313-315
Changi Bethany Church / Hope Presbyterian Church
694 Upper Changi Road East

Contact Persons: Michael 9728-0919 / Catherine 9001-2100

Speaker : Kris Tay, DTM

Kris Tay

Speaker’s Profile:
Kris Tay is an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator who is passionate about maximizing and unlocking the full creativity and potential of children and adults alike.

Kris is a master public speaker and an effective leader. She is also a certified facilitator for Lego Serious PlayTM.

In her capacity as the Area Governor with Toastmasters International in 2008, she mentored many club leaders, and provided supportive and constructive feedback to fellow toastmasters.

Kris has a degree in Business Administration.

Don’t miss this educational talk on how you can make stories come alive and harness the power to inspire and motivate!


You are invited to this free Toastmasters Educational Session.

4 thoughts on “Storytelling at Changi

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  4. julie

    I would like my two girls to learn public speaking. They are 9 & 10 years old.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards, Julie

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