Be a Charter member of Toastmasters@Hope

Don’t just join any Toastmasters Club in Singapore.
Be a Charter member of Toastmasters@Hope

Why Toastmasters@Hope?

It is a new Toastmasters Club in the East.
Members are new and young, and eager to learn.
So learn and grow with us – in a friendly and family environment.

We have experienced Toastmasters as Sponsors and Mentors.
That makes our learning journey fun and fulfilling.
But the most important reason,
You are a CHARTER MEMBER of Toastmasters@Hope

That makes the difference – a GREAT difference.

As a Charter Member,

You are the founding members of the Club.
You are recognized as Charter Member for life.

And above all – your renewal subscription is guaranteed for life.
That means your membership subscription will not change.
Even when the rates are revised and increased.
That is your rights and privilege as a Charter Member of Toastmasters@Hope

So how many Charter Members are we looking for?

We have vacancies for just FOUR more.

We already have three who are also members of other Toastmasters Clubs.
We have ten who have signed and paid their subscriptions.
We have another three who have indicated their interest to become members.

That means we can accept another FOUR new members.
Are you the ONE?
Make history.

Be a Charter Member of Toastmasters@Hope

Hurry… Fill up the Contact Hope form now.

MichaEL Lau
Tel 9728-0919 / 6585-6195
Sharpen your Thinking, Listening and Speaking skills

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