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District 80 Evaluation Contest 2007

Just received an email from Yiang Ping for my announcement.

I’ll just do it here:

Yeo Chai Tun – 3rd place for Evaluation Contest at District 80 Semi-Annual Convention at The Legend, Fort Canning, competing with Champions of 8 divisions in District 80 from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Thailand.


Area Contest Result

Hi fellow TPCers,
3 cheers to both Yiang Ping & Chai Tun at Area D3 contest today.and I am proud to announce that both have been placed top three !

Yiang Ping – 2nd runner-up for International Speech.

Chai Tun – Champion for Table Topics

My heartiest congrats to both of you for making our club proud once again !

They have done their part with much hard work and now, we need to step up & do our part to cheer for Chai Tun at the next level.
Let’s gather to show our support and to applaud him at the Div D Contest, Queenstown CC, on March 31, Sat at 1.30pm.

Pls clap for them now. … till then.

Thks & gdnite.

Suzanne Cheong
club president

For photo, go announcement

International Speech Contest – The Result

chief judge announcing the result
The Chief Judge Goh Wei Koon, DTM announcing the result. The Contest Chair, Albert Lim, DTM gets ready the tropies while the Area D3 Governor, Yeo Chai Tun, ATMS/CL waits on …

Suzanne Cheong and son
Suzanne Cheong-Foo the 2nd Runner-up for the Table Topics Contest.
Wait … Look at the extra pair of legs in the centre.
He didn't want the limelight. He just want to have the trophy
There you are. The cute little boy hiding behind mummy. Want to know how he looks like? Scroll up till the masthead, bottom row 4th from right.

David Chee
David Chee, the 1st runner-up in both the Table Topics and International Speech Categories.

David Goh,
David Goh, the Champion in Table Topics and 2nd Runner-up in International Speech.

Chuck Yong
Chuk Ping Yong aka Chuck Yong, the champion of International Speech.

Congratulations all contestants and winners.

The Champion of Table Topics, David Goh and Champion of International Speech, Chuck Yong will represent our club at the Area D3 Contest.
11 March 2006 Saturday
at Cainhill Toastmasters Club
For details contact Area D3 Governor – Yeo Chai Tun, ATMS CL

the entertainment segment
Want to know what has this to do with this contest?
Back to the page featuring the speech contest of Toa Payoh Central Toastmasters Club.

International Speech Contest

We will be conducting our club International Speech and Table Topics Contest. Winners will represent our club at the Area D3 Contest.

Entrance is free.

Toastmasters and members of the public are all welcome.
Kindly give us a call to indicate your interest.

President – Lim Poh Pian : 9759-5768
Vice President for Education – Suzanne Cheong-Foo : 9695-6050
Organising Chair – Eskay Ng – 9479-6941

Toa Payoh Central Community Club Toastmasters Club
93 Toa Payoh Central
(Opposite Toa Payoh Community Library)
Meeting Room :
#03-03 The Theatrette

23rd Feb 2006
Time – 7. 30 pm sharp

Are You With Me?

Thanks to all members who said “YES”, when I asked the above question at the last meeting when I presented my Advance Speech AP2! Also your kind endorsement at the back of the Nomination Form prepared by Chai Tun!

Thanks to Eskay for publishing my speech in this website! He also added the “Comments” button at the bottom… a Kool feature!

I am sure, with our TEAM, together, we can help Toastmasters to achieve even GREATER HEIGHT!



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