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Applied EQ 201 by 1st District 80 Governor – Gea Ban Peng, DTM

Have you ever felt that life is not fair?
Many of us are well qualified, highly skilled, and we work very hard every day. Yet our journey in life has not been as smooth as it can be. There seem to be more obstacles, obstructions, and objections everywhere you turn. There was never enough time. There was never enough money. We were not given fair opportunities.

Do you sometimes feel that people take advantage of you?
People are not what they make themselves out to be. You go the extra mile for your friends. But they do not appreciate you, they do not reciprocate when you need help, and they do not care. In fact they can be so unkind, uncaring, and unhelpful. And everywhere you go the people are the same!!!

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Seminar – Health Matters

Are you in control of your health?
Want to know on how to save health $?

A seminar organized by the Toa Payoh Central Community Club and assisted by the Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmasters Club.

We have invited speakers who are well-read in nutrition, health supplements, weight loss and stress management to share with the general public. Prevention is better cure! Be in the know on Health Matters! We hope that this seminar would help you in saving some Health $!

Topics include:

· Maintain The Health of Our Immune System

· A-Z Health Supplements. A Pill For Every Ill?

· Turning Life Around In Healthy Living

Toa Payoh Central Community Club
93 Toa Payoh Central
(Opposite Toa Payoh Community Library)
#03-03 The Mini Theatrette

Date: 14 Nov 2006
Time: 7.15 pm to 10 pm

For registration, you can do so in person at the Reception Desk, or logon to (CC Online). Admission Fees is S$5

For more details, visit