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Pay It Forward

“I have gained so much from Toastmasters and serving as the Division A Governor is my continued effort in PAYING IT FORWARD, to touch more lives through the Toastmasters movement”

Toastmasters is not merely a place to learn public speaking but it is really a platform to better one’s lifeskills.
I personally had overcome two difficult periods, 1997/1998 and 2002/2003, by simply applying what I learnt from Toastmasters.

My faith in the Toastmasters movement grows stronger and stronger over the years, crisis after crisis. My firm conviction is that Toastmasters’ programmes train members beyond public speaking.

Over the years, I had seen many taking a simplistic view of Toastmasters; they unknowingly set simple presentation goals.
Upon achieving these goals, be it attainment of Competent Communicator or completion of Speechcraft, these members dropped out prematurely.

My sole motivation in running for the Office of the Division A Governorship is to share my story and assist more people to reach out to a higher Toastmasters plane.

More can then gain the additional benefits of being Toastmasters and lead higher performance lifestyles.

Will I have the opportunity to serve you and PAY IT FORWARD?

With your support, I will!

Yeo Chai Tun


MSc BSc(Hons)(EEE) CDipAF DipMMgt
Charter Member, Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmasters Club
Assistant Division D Governor(Education & Training) I 2006-2007
Area D3 Governor 2005-2006
Club President 2003-2004
Club Vice President (Education) 2001-2002
Club Vice President (Public Relations) 2000-2001
District 80 Evaluation Contest 2nd Runner-up 2007

Suggestion to Improve Chapter Meetings

Most of the times we are still struggling with late comers to meetings. At times, we must also understand that members rushed from work and some just cannot make it on time.

I suggest for future meetings, we can do a video screen of CDs we have in our library. In one way, those who are early are not short-changed, and the late-comers can join the meeting proper slightly later.

I am not encouraging coming to meetings late but may solve our problem the practical way.

Chai Tun

What a Change!

Kris has kept to her word; she is giving me a break. I also have the opportunity to be a Contest Chair and advisor to the Contest Organising Chair.

Remember, there are only winners and no losers at all contests!

All the best to all contestants! Those who have not signed up…… reconsider!

Chai Tun

Call for Volunteers

The Madamme President has reminded all about our up and coming Speechcraft Workshop. Definitely, I need some and leaders to do the following:

1) Organsing Chairperson
2) Organising co-chairman
3) Speechcraft Publicity Manager
4) Logistic Support
5) Trainers cum Mentors
6) Demo speakers

Can I have some volunteers please?

Suggestion for Change of Format

I was the GE at tonite’s meeting and reproduced herewith please find some of the points I had mentioned:

1) We might have difficulty in improving punctuality and maybe we can slot in an educational video screening just before our actual meeting proper so that we can ‘allow’ late-comers who have very good reasons to be late, and at the same time, do some justice to those who are early.
2) Video screening can be in the form of TI CD, Convention CD or any other education CD.
3) Another suggestion is a 20min educational slot for anyone who wish to share life experience, or hobby or educating the rest of the members in an area she or he is good at.

Another wild idea is that can we use chapter meeting time to develop a programme which we can partner with the CC.

Toa Payoh Central CC has to be diferent if we want to address members’ interest and meet members’ needs. The format of the normal Toastmaster chapter meeting may be boring by now.