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A Caring Family

Hi, especially to Suzanne & Kris,
Thank you for showing care and concern; I really felt the warmth as a family, not just a club. We are not just TMC; we are in fact an extraordinary Toastmaster Family who love and care for each other.


Hi everyone,
Our coming Chapter Meeting will be on 24 March 2005 ((Thursday). Anyone of you would like to take this opportunity to present your project? Please let me know. All are welcome!!
Thank you.


Congrats!! to Kris, Lanie & Felicia for coming in as the top 3 for International Speech Contest,… and to Terence, Poh Pian and Felicia (again) for being the top 3 for Impromptu Speech Contest.
Really wished that I was there to participate and witness your wonderful speeches… never mind, there will always be the next time, which I told Suzanne.
Also, to Chai Tun and Suzanne and gang for putting in many hours to make this contest a success.
See all of you in the next chapter meeting.

Something new to learn

You are fastantic…. the wonderful work that you have put, really make me admire you so much. Webblog.. something new to me!! Well, I am learning and soon everyone (I mean every member of TPC TMC)will be proficient with this.