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SpeechCraft April 2005

Dear visitors
First of all, let me congratulate Eskay Ng for his tremendous effort in getting us onto the blogging culture. I didn’t realize it was so easy until I tried his earlier version. Now it seems to be infectious.

I had the privilege to co-facilitate (together with Fellow Chartered-member and Past President Yeo Chai Tun) the latest Speechcraft in April 2005. After three sessions, the four Speechcrafters (Steven, Quek, Lam, Keng Siang) graduated and were presented their Certificates on 28 April 2005. We have a new group of new members who are professional and willing to learn; their progress should be phenominal. They were prepared to try new things and make mistakes, be evaluated. But they learn fast; they will be an asset to the Club. I urge all new members to participate in any forthcoming Speechcraft programme. Existing members are not spared; we should assist the new members to gear up and mature, by being their mentors and evaluating their progress. Good luck!

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