This blog serves as an extention to tpctmc.org – the official website of Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmasters Club.

In 2004, I setup a website for my club with this blog for group posting by members.
The website was handed over to the club in 2008. I moved this blog out to be under my maintenance as members no longer blog. Or rather, many would prefer to spend time on their Facebook or their own blogs.

You are invited to our meetings… TPCTMC

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The objective of the website is to invite members of the public to visit our club.
However, there were times when the site was down or the Contact form was not working, it may take days to have it fixed.

This site serves as a secondary point of contact for the public to the club.
All forms submitted will be forwarded to the EXCO and you can expect an immediate reply from the VPPR or any other officer.

If you’re considering a venue to practise and polish your public speaking skill, a free mentor to hold your hand, a time-test programme to guide you through your journey, I highly recommend Toa Payoh Toastmasters Club.

Speechcraft 2013/2014

As of Jun 2013, this site now no longer serves one club. Instead, it will link you to all the 174 Toastmasters Clubs in Singapore.
Watch out for our Islandwide Speechcraft 2013-2014.

Public Speaking for Senior Citizens

For senior citizens, you may want to contact RSVP Gavel Club. It was chartered by our club and you can assured it generates the same warmth and camaraderie as Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmastes Club.
RSVP is meant for RSVP members only. If you are not prepared to be a RSVP member, you may choose to join any CC-based Toastmasters club.

Public Speaking for and Teens and Tertiary Students

Years ago, my club helped me prepared a list of Toastmasters for Children. There isn’t any actually. We compiled a list of Gavel Clubs but no one we know of in Singapore is able to provide an update.
We have no idea the status of each club. I could only made a guess through their web presence.
Kindly refer to this page – Gavel Clubs In Singapore

Tertiary Students, refer to Toastmasters Clubs In Singapore. Search for “university” or “poly”.

Public Speaking for Children

Toastmasters is for anyone above the age of 18.
The list of Gavel Clubs is for students in their secondary levels.
For those younger, parents may want to check with one of our members, Kris Tay, who is now conducting public speaking for kids and children on a commercial basis.
Parent-Child Bonding Using Lego Serious Play
Public Speaking For Children
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