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Annual Gathering Dec 2007

I was busy tweaking this new WordPress theme I didn’t have the time to blog about this annual event.

Read about it at Chai Tun’s blog:

I did a trackback but I doubt it would be successful at blogspot.

By the time you read this, the new theme should be up.

The rest of the photos could be viewed at Yiang Ping’s Album collection at Picasaweb:

Applied EQ 201 by 1st District 80 Governor – Gea Ban Peng, DTM

Have you ever felt that life is not fair?
Many of us are well qualified, highly skilled, and we work very hard every day. Yet our journey in life has not been as smooth as it can be. There seem to be more obstacles, obstructions, and objections everywhere you turn. There was never enough time. There was never enough money. We were not given fair opportunities.

Do you sometimes feel that people take advantage of you?
People are not what they make themselves out to be. You go the extra mile for your friends. But they do not appreciate you, they do not reciprocate when you need help, and they do not care. In fact they can be so unkind, uncaring, and unhelpful. And everywhere you go the people are the same!!!

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The Contact Us Form

In case you’d tried contacting us through the Contact-Us Form, you should received a reply from me by now.

If you had not, kindly send me another.

I had just went to the admin area to fix the mail pointing error.

Apparently, the MX was being reset after the hosting fixed the server. (See earlier posting)

I am still trying to restore it bit by bit ….. looks like the affected area is wider than I had expected.

I suspected the older files had overwritten the newer and the emails are delivered to the wrong inboxes.

Again, another apology, kindly send us another, please go to:

Did you try to visit us yesterday?

The web was down for a few hours yesterday.

It was back at about 7.00pm.

If you are reading this, now you know the reason. But hundred others may not.

There’s nothing I could do about it. The hosting were trying to put it back the best they could. This is a non-profit organization. We couldn’t afford a dedicated server.

My numerous calls to them during that period may be annoying but that’s the most I could do.

While they’re trying very hard to fix it, all I got was “We’re compiling the Apache.”

I couldn’t understand, I couldn’t help. So we just wait …. until 7.00pm.

My sincere apologies. Please come back again.

And Chapter #215 continues …

Well, the chapter meeting #215 was adjorned. but the word of the evening “MOMENT” by the Language Evaluator, Charanjit Singh ACG, CL, didn’t ended there.

Michael, our newly joined member continued with this:

Thanks for the warm reception. The MOMENT I was on the third level, Yiang Ping was there to welcome me and Chai Tun made me feel at home. It was comfortable to have Peter beside.

The website drew me to the club – both informative and informal. Well done President and Webmaster. A feather to your cap. The website hints a family-friendly environment that is serious in education and development of members. It proved true.

We have our reasons to join TM. Maybe I can be down for the ice breaker next meeting to share on my objectives in joining TM – not very differnt from most of you but not necessarily the same. It is the MOMENT of truth.

Michael TP40

Riddle: What appears twice in a MOMENT, once in a minute but not in a second or hour or day or week or year?

Yiang Ping, the MAD one, the Mentor for Membership and sometimes the Mother of All Mentors asked, ” What is M?”:

Wow James… You are very smart can guess the answer of Michael’s riddle in “just a moment”!

May I invite all our members to contribute… In the Spirit of Toastmasters…

What is M?
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A new blog at

I’ve signed up a new blog at WordPress. It’s available at

Not that I need another blog. Signing up with wordpress is the only way to obtain the API key to activate the plugin – Akismet.

Akismet it the plugin for WordPress to stop comment spam which I am getting more this days.

Members who are interested to administer or blog at, let me know.

District 80 Evaluation Contest 2007

Just received an email from Yiang Ping for my announcement.

I’ll just do it here:

Yeo Chai Tun – 3rd place for Evaluation Contest at District 80 Semi-Annual Convention at The Legend, Fort Canning, competing with Champions of 8 divisions in District 80 from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Thailand.


A New WordPress Theme for the club – Toa Payoh 1.3

Wow, at last this theme’s done.

While some parts still need tweaking, the layout should be final.

The most difficult decision was perhaps the right bar:Â Should it be float right or absolute?

Let me put this down so that other members serving as webmasters would know why I made this decision.

If I position it float right, the navigation would have to come before the posting. That’s not very wise SEO. The search engines might even miss the content, though it’s unlikely.

I’ve set it to position absolute. Being absolute, I am able to place the navigation right at bottom. That guarantee fresh contest at each crawl.

The only setback is, if posting is too short, or as I continue to expand the sidebar, it will be longer than the posting. thereby creating an ugly sight: The sidebar overlapping the footer.

Way to get around:

  1. Increase the height of the comment box.
  2. Add another sidebar.

When the time comes, I shall change width to 1024px and add another sidebar.
That settles it.

Club President Jul07-Jun08

Since serving as club president, I had been unable to keep up with the posting.

Updating of the website have also been kept just to the minimum.

But I try to keep this blog going. At least it’s easier than creating a new page for the web.

So, subscribe to the RSS feeds.

All announcements shall be made here instead.