Monthly Archives: August 2005

Public Speaking / Speechcraft

We are conducting our next public speech craft at Toa Payoh Central Community Club.

The dates are as follow:

September 05 Intake

  1. 2 Sep (Fri )
  2. 6 Sep (Tues)
  3. 8 Sep (Thur )
  4. 12 Sep (Mon)

Hurry and call Poh Pian ( 9007-2063 ) and Suzanne (9695-6050) to reserve your seats.

If you are unable to attend the September classes, let them know you would like to be included in the Nov05 or Mar06 intakes.

Almost Done

The transfer of data is almost done.

This domain was down when the nation celebrates its National Day.

2pm to 4pm – totally down. I was caught offguard.

4pm to 6 pm the main domain was up.

7.30 pm this subdomain – TPCTMC was finally up.

There could be some missing links. Some images may fail to appear.

They will be fixed gradually.

There’s only one concern.

Those who had registered before. I do not know if the system will reject your login. If that happens, write to me and let me know.

Several default settings were beyond my control. I could turn it back, but I need to be notified.

Thanks to Gerald Kong of Pixeldot and Benny Huang of W3Hub. They were there answering my queries, providing the support despite the holiday.