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Suggestion to Improve Chapter Meetings

Most of the times we are still struggling with late comers to meetings. At times, we must also understand that members rushed from work and some just cannot make it on time.

I suggest for future meetings, we can do a video screen of CDs we have in our library. In one way, those who are early are not short-changed, and the late-comers can join the meeting proper slightly later.

I am not encouraging coming to meetings late but may solve our problem the practical way.

Chai Tun

anyone got spaMMMed by me today?

Sorry folks

I mean to those who received 3 mails from me this morning.

This is really embarrasing. Unlikely to be coming from me.

When the message was done. I click send. Then I decided to make another check. I usually make another check in the outbox after I click send.

Any way after the check, I click send and a message appeared ” Cannot delete message”

I was trying to send a message. Not deleting a message. So I click another send. The same message appeared.

So you’ve got 3 mails.

I’ve got 6.

  • 3 for myself
  • 3 from Chuck’s returned mail

I was expecting another 3 from an overquota box and another 3 from our lovely Ann who’s still on vacation since last November. It may not be true but that’s what the responder says. AND another 3 saying redirection failed.

It’s good to know she’s finally landed.

Good for you Ann, else you get grounded !

What’s that, Abe?

I really have no idea. Lincoln mailed this to me and I believed it’s not about his wedding dinner.

Goh Wei Koon is in the picture, so it probably has got something to do with Division Z.

I really can’t think because I suddenly remembered I’ve yet to submit my Income Tax Returns.

So if you see yourself in the photo, post something.

Let us know what’s this?

who are they ? 1

What’s this ? 1

who are they ?2

What’s this ? 2

who r they? 3

What’s this ? 3

Are You With Me?

Thanks to all members who said “YES”, when I asked the above question at the last meeting when I presented my Advance Speech AP2! Also your kind endorsement at the back of the Nomination Form prepared by Chai Tun!

Thanks to Eskay for publishing my speech in this website! He also added the “Comments” button at the bottom… a Kool feature!

I am sure, with our TEAM, together, we can help Toastmasters to achieve even GREATER HEIGHT!



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