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Gift for Every Visitor

If you have noticed, I’ve added a book cover to the navigation bar. It’s a timeless classis “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen.

This classic needs no introduction.

This book now belongs to the Public Domain, so you may download freely.

It’s compiled in PDF format, so Acrobat Reader is required to read this file.

It’s compressed with Winzip so you’ll need to download one to unzip.

For plain text version , visit Project Gutenberg to download.

download adobe reader



I was just told that visitors are unable to register. I was beginning to suspect something was wrong as there have been no posting since I made the switch.

The fix may take some time.

Meanwhile you may want to read thers 2 great articles that were posted recently:
They have yet to be added to the navigational bar as I am giving the contributors time to proof read. So they are not official. Since you’re here, you’re the first to know.


SpeechCraft Programme

Speech Craft is due to commence 19, 21, 26 and 28 Apr 2005.

Those interested, kindly register early.

Take a look at our last intake and hear what the speechcrafters have got to say.

For more details or registration contact Yeo Chai Tun (9388-6220),
and Kris Tay (9106-3228):

* Let me make this sweet and special. You will receive a gift from me after signing up the program. Another for completing the speechcraft. And another for signing up as club members after the programme. *
These are my personal promise. All gifts are in digital format.
Those who have registered, drop me a mail. subject: TPCTMC speechcrafter to claim your first item.

eskay – vppr


I wrote about the rss feeder some time back.

If you do not like the idea of installing another software in your pc or find learning another program too time consuming, here is the alternative:

There’s new browser known as FireFox 1.0.

Its an open source from the Mozilla project taken from Netscape.

Here’s the attractive part. This browser has a feature of saving blogs into bookmarks. (That’s favourite in IE).

When you see the blog ( orange air wave) symbol at the bottom right corner of the status bar above the time, you know its a blog.

Just click that symbol to save as favorite. By looking at the bookmark pulldown, you see the updated titles of each posting.

It has other special features, like multipe pages viewing, searches, popup blocking,etc. Go visit that site and read up for yourself.

As a webmaster, I depend on this browser to check my codes. It’s more unforgiving than IE6. When I made a mistake in my HTML codes, the page shows up in IE6, but in Firefox, it displays my mistakes … an ugly and messy page …..

In my last posting I refer you to a site known as Project Gutenberg. Try visiting with this browser.

You ain’t know what you’re missing.

Get Firefox!

Copyleft Copyright and a CopyCentre

What is copyleft? What you don’t get in copyright, you get it in the left. All available for download in a copycentre.
I was just kidding, part of it. Go to any search engine and key in copyleft. Read it up yourself.

Do you still read Charles Dickens, Jack London, Mark Twains’?
NO? They’re too old and it’s not worth paying?

Heard of the Project Gutenberg?
It a collection centre of all books that no longer can be copyrighted, are in the public domain and are made available to all for free downloading.

This is the top 100 download currently at PG:

Start reading and writing.

Next issue I shall be talking about a free browser …

the good the bad and the ugly

Good News
I am in the process of bringing in another blogging software. More powerful. How does it looks like: Its looks in any way we want it to be. See :

Why I had 2 blogs. Long story. It was supposed to be a transfer and I lost the data along the way. But why the need for transfer.

Bad News
There’s a slight problem with this program – b2
It’s an abandon project. Thus no further revision. Some features are not funtioning.

I still love b2. It’s so simple. Really much easier. I setup b2 within 20 minutes. The other program took days and I am still struggling.

Both have bugs. One permanent, and the other still making improvement.

The Ugly.
Its going to be messy. These few things will occur:
1 change of domain from
1b to
1c or
2 lost or corruption of login database
3 operation failure – all data lost or stuck in the mysql but not extractable and other unpredictable consequences.

How long will that take?
I won’t know. It takes longer to feed than to kill.

There’ll be no interuption to any posting. I don’t believe in “under construction ” sign. IT IS ALWAYS under construction.

Toastmaster of the Year Award

Hi all,

Jamie asked me on Monday if I would like to nominate anyone from our Club for the Toastmaster of the Year Award. Without any hesitation, I told him that I’ll be nominating Eskay for this Award.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that he had put in so much for the Club and recognition is due to him. Chai Tun is tasked to do a write-up for his nomination.


Lanie’s email

I’ve checked with Lanie and she has agreed that I may post this on the Blog. Like to share her email to me. Her email really touched me. Though she may be a new member, her confidence in our Club is unwavering. Hear what Terence had to say!

Her email…..

Hi Kris,

I am so proud to be competing next to you at the Area Level. I informed my boss and he is very supportive on this endeavor.

Honestly, you pushed me to do the best that I can be by just simply smiling in the corner and silently cheering for me….I can feel it!

The Area Level Contest would be another opportunity for us to bring our club to the next level (District Level).
Let us give it all we’ve got! We are strong enough! 🙂

As Terence Tan said to me during the warm-up session, we must show respect to the audience who will spend their time to watch…and we owe them a good performance.

best regards,

A Caring Family

Hi, especially to Suzanne & Kris,
Thank you for showing care and concern; I really felt the warmth as a family, not just a club. We are not just TMC; we are in fact an extraordinary Toastmaster Family who love and care for each other.