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The RSS Reader

I promised I’ll bring you a reader.

To learn more about RSS reader go to this site;

You may choose a reader of your choice or

To download the reader I am using;

3 click “download the latest version”.

4 upon successful setup click “new feed”.

Remembered I mentioned the orange XML?
click and copy the url:

5 Open reader

6 Click “New Feed”

7 When prompt on “please enter url of feed”, paste the url which you had copied which is :

Got it?

Now you’ve got a reader that works like Outlook Express – reading and posting without visiting the site.

You may add in other feeds of your choices. I suggest you key in ” toastmasters blog” at any search engine and see what you can get.

Of course if “comment” is available at their blogs, you may also post a comment and invite them to our blog.

Have a good time blogging…..

Club Contest – 7 Mar 2005


To date, the confirmed contestants are :

Table Topics
Sam Ang
Angela Oh
Seah Soon Huat (if he’s in S’pore)
David Goh
Henry Teoh
Khim Song
Poh Pian
Willy Tan
Terence Tan

Int’l Speech
Felicia Chan
David Goh
Henry Teoh
Khim Song
Poh Pian
Willy Tan
E Yong

Organising Chair person : Suzanne Cheong
Contest Chair : Yeo Chai Tun

To set an example, I’m taking part in both the contests. Let’s look forward to an exciting event!

Square One

1) When I was three,my mother taught me count 1 to 10
I was five,made mistakes in numbers
My kindergarten teacher told me get back 10 to 1

2) When I was seventeen,I wanted to look like thirty
I was thrity, I wished to return to seventeen

3) I got married —–wanted more chlidren
The FPPB order “Stop at Two”
In compliance we completed our family
Now what’s next?
They change the slogan to “Three is Better!”

4)Man and woman – two individual
At marriage,as man and wife,they are one

5)Man and woman -who came first?
In the scripture, God created man -Adam first
Eve was taken from Adam’s rib
So man came first….
But my first born was female-so woman came first?

6)The doctor said I must have a whole body check
from my head to toes
The reflexologist/yoga-ist works
from my toes to head

7) At the “begin” of year,I advance from January to December
At “last” day of year, I count back minutes from 10 to 1 to 0

8) I have had forgiven someone 7 times
Jesus said “Much more, it’s 7 x 70 times”

9) Where is the beginning? Where is the ending?
Which is more? Which is less?
Which comes first? Chicken or Egg

The answer: ____________

I am back to Square One —>

When ‘Toastmster ‘is smiling

1) I was sitting all alone,nervous,rejected,forsaken….
Not knowning how/when to articulate
You came forward,held my hand…..
A handshake so firm,a Smile so sweet
I felt warmth in my heart…..
Assured,there’s always a Friend ,not Foe in Toastmasters
2 Showing me,leading me all the way….
What have I to ask beside?
Can I doubt your mentoring care
when you are my constant guide?
I know whatever blunder I made
You’ll still be on my side.
3) You lead me all the way
Cheer each faltering speech
Give me courage for each project
Evaluate to motive….
Feast me with abundant fellowship
Clothe me with un-duanting spirit
4) All the way you lead me
Turn weakneses to strength
dreams —— to realities.
Lo! A spring of joy I see
wings its flight to realms of day.
My heartful gratitude always be…
You have led me all the way.

This Works Too !

This is something I didn’t know ….. until now.

This url works too. Its easier. It’s the usual URL to our web. Just add in the b2:


Congratulations and Celebration! (to you and TPC/TMC)
1)There was a Web Master who laboured day and night
to set up a “Blog” for all to share
His selfless and persevering spirit is worthy
of note and praise
There was a gavelier who watched,dreamt and waited
patiently for the day to come….
Finaly, it’s done and arrived – to his own amazement…
Indeed, he has had stunned me,soul and all within.
2)I was knocked upside down, too excited …..
not knowing what to say/write.
He has succeeded!What else? Who cares.
Thanks for the privilege to share/post my poems…
For encouraging me to write on
when I expressed I wanted to quit.
You said “Writers never quit”
I,sure will remember this.
3) A learned man you are,who strive
to do the best for your Club
Let me congratulate on your success
Cheers!TPC/TMC to have such a devoted Web Master
I am very proud of him and the Club
4) I “ain’t” got money to celebrate with you
at posh places ….Instead
Send my celebrated gifts:
A dozen red roses
The fresh morning dew
The color of the rain bow
The beantiful sunrise/sunset
The golden sandy beach
The cool gentle brush of the breeze
A bucketful of sweet “Friendship”
A portion of my Time -plus an
Abundance of Health,Wealth and Love…..
Let me toast with “Champagne”…
to you and TPC/TMC – hail “Congratulations”

Phase III

The Web, The Blog and now….

So now we have our own web, our blog …. now what’s next?

Let’s make life a little easier.

Heard of RSS Reader? Not sure what it really means:

  • Really Simple Syndication or
  • Rich Site Summary
  • The RSS Reader – This is not From Singapore Navy

    There’s this software called the RSS Reader. This reader works like a news reader ( like outlook ). You choose the feed you want. Provide the URL and the reader will download the blog onto you reader.
    So you are participating without visiting the site. If that’s what you wanted.

    Some RSS Readers are available for download for free.

    I’ll show you the link the next posting.


    But for now, look for an “XML” image on this page. Can you find the red or orange label. I shall refer to this symbol the next time.

    NO ! Its not the fair trade, honest merchant label offered by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board. No refund needed.

    Now click comment to have a screen shot of a reader I’m using…

    Call for Volunteers

    The Madamme President has reminded all about our up and coming Speechcraft Workshop. Definitely, I need some and leaders to do the following:

    1) Organsing Chairperson
    2) Organising co-chairman
    3) Speechcraft Publicity Manager
    4) Logistic Support
    5) Trainers cum Mentors
    6) Demo speakers

    Can I have some volunteers please?

    Suggestion for Change of Format

    I was the GE at tonite’s meeting and reproduced herewith please find some of the points I had mentioned:

    1) We might have difficulty in improving punctuality and maybe we can slot in an educational video screening just before our actual meeting proper so that we can ‘allow’ late-comers who have very good reasons to be late, and at the same time, do some justice to those who are early.
    2) Video screening can be in the form of TI CD, Convention CD or any other education CD.
    3) Another suggestion is a 20min educational slot for anyone who wish to share life experience, or hobby or educating the rest of the members in an area she or he is good at.

    Another wild idea is that can we use chapter meeting time to develop a programme which we can partner with the CC.

    Toa Payoh Central CC has to be diferent if we want to address members’ interest and meet members’ needs. The format of the normal Toastmaster chapter meeting may be boring by now.

    22/01/05 Achieves’Day

    Hey Dear Eskay
    Oh My Gosh This is it!! It has finally arrived.
    For one moment I thought I was dreaming -I did dream for several nites
    1)1st let me congratulate you-“blog” head
    You’ve succeeded- Hurray!! Let’s celebrate…Hmm- may be with a poem….
    I’ll post my poems later on.Just too excited to think now
    Thanks,you are simply fabulous!!marvolous!!
    2) I’ve enjoyed the Achieves Day -the am session
    Relevent to me -a gavelier who’ll ‘copy -cat” the P10 technique
    when my turn comes at RSVP Club Chapter meeting year end.
    The fellowship that day was warm /hot like the “aromatic” coffee.
    3)Bye now! Will be back again- Akan datang.