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Lilian Lau, DTM 195x – 2005

I have just received a SMS message from Yiang Ping regarding the passing away of our Past District Governor DTM Lilian Lau.

I feel so depressed whenever I hear news like this.

Much more so Lilian was our club sponsor …


Farewell Lilian ……

Joint Meeting with Radin Mas TMC

Hi to all,

As some have indicated interest to have joint meetings, hence we’ll proceed with the joint meeting as above, to start with. We would strongly encourage all, esp the new members to make time to attend this, to gain more exposure. This is also a great opportunity to speak at a different platform, as you expand your horizons in toastmastering. Please be informed of the meeting details as follows:

Venue : Radin Mas CC, No:1 Telok Blangah Crescent – Conference Rm, Level 2

Date & time : Monday, Oct 24 at 7.30pm

Btw, for the purpose of organising logistics, please do revert asap if you’re interested to attend or even to do project speech. Also, please indicate if you do have transport problem to get there. We’ll arrange for car pools.

Have a blessed weekend ahead.


HP : 9695 6050

Public Speaking / Speechcraft

We are conducting our next public speech craft at Toa Payoh Central Community Club.

The dates are as follow:

September 05 Intake

  1. 2 Sep (Fri )
  2. 6 Sep (Tues)
  3. 8 Sep (Thur )
  4. 12 Sep (Mon)

Hurry and call Poh Pian ( 9007-2063 ) and Suzanne (9695-6050) to reserve your seats.

If you are unable to attend the September classes, let them know you would like to be included in the Nov05 or Mar06 intakes.

Almost Done

The transfer of data is almost done.

This domain was down when the nation celebrates its National Day.

2pm to 4pm – totally down. I was caught offguard.

4pm to 6 pm the main domain was up.

7.30 pm this subdomain – TPCTMC was finally up.

There could be some missing links. Some images may fail to appear.

They will be fixed gradually.

There’s only one concern.

Those who had registered before. I do not know if the system will reject your login. If that happens, write to me and let me know.

Several default settings were beyond my control. I could turn it back, but I need to be notified.

Thanks to Gerald Kong of Pixeldot and Benny Huang of W3Hub. They were there answering my queries, providing the support despite the holiday.

New Pages

A few pages have been added since the beginning of the new term (Jul2005-Jun2006):

Don’t miss those great speeches.

A New Team for Toa Payoh Central Toastmasters Club

To those who’ve missed the meeting tonight, here are the highlights:

  1. AGM – A new team has been elected and ready to lead the club to greater heights.
    Exco 2005-2006
    • President Lim Poh Pian
    • IPP Kris Tay
    • VPE Suzanne Cheong
    • VPM Lee Khim Song
    • VPPR Lim Mui Huan, Angela Oh
    • Treasurer Felicia Chan
    • Secretary Kong Ho Loon
    • SAA Goh Keat Leong
  2. Mui Huan completed her P10. Congratulations! That almost completes our club’s DCP.
  3. Lanie did her 1st Advanced Project – a month after completing her P10. Way to go, Lanie!

Speak Good English Movement

I was reading our < > PM Lee’s speech delivered at the launch of the 5th Speak Good English Movement, and I too have this story to add.

Are you here to play or to sing?

I speak only simple English, yet few understood. Especially those from the West or those who speak only Good English..

Many years ago, I met this man, a Caucasian, a familiar face, at a hawker centre in Queen Street. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Few knew him as Henry John Deutschendorf Jnr.

It was about 1 am, and he approached me for direction, “Could you please tell me where’s Gay Land”

“No, we have a Gay World, but no Gay Land”

He shoved me a piece of paper torn from the corner of the newspaper and in it written “Geylang”;

“That’s “Gay-lung” a red light district. Why would you want to go there? That’s no good for your reputation.”

“Dont get me wrong, I come to Bugis to see the half man, half woman, and they told me Bugis has been demolished. But I could still see them at Gayland. ”

I didn’t feel like talking about Geylang with this gentleman, so I asked

“Are you here to play or to sing.”

“You want me to play and sing here? Right here? ”

“No, I mean are you here on a tour or a performance?”

Or maybe I should have asked, “Business or pleasure?” 25 years later, maybe I know what’s wrong, but I still couldn’t get it right.

” I am on my way to Australia. I am leaving tomorrow.”

That was the first, the only and last time I met and spoke to my idol, John Denver.

We chatted for a while, as if he knew me for years. What a warm and remarkable human being. I didn’t understand much of what he was talking, I doubt he did either.

Speak Good English?

Yes, we better do, to be understood.

But John would always know what I mean if I were to look up and ask him again ” Hey John, are you here to play or to sing?

Lanie Francisco

Lanie- stage time

Stage Time for Lanie CTM on Achievers’ Day-II, 7th May.

  1. Create your own Reality Show (Be an Apprentice)
  2. Divide your Fear Factor and Conquer it
  3. Take the Fast Forward in the Amazing Race

Congratulations! Lanie. ( see Lanie as new member. )

As our meeting dates couldn’t meet your very busy scheduele, you’re one of our very few members who did most of your project speeches at other clubs.

In the next few months, as you wil be flying around most of the time, I won’t be surprised you’re be doing your advanced projects in other countries; Korea, Japan …..

Remember to bring your project manual along. Dont’ ever leave home without it …….